Cyril Awakens is a Finnish multidisciplinary band producing forward-thinking electronic pop with dance music influences. Inspired by the multifaceted realm of Internet, glitched out graphical forms and everyday life, their music is a mixture of new and old combining drum machine beats, melancholic melodies and beautiful soundscapes. The band consists of singer/composer Konsta Koivisto, drummer Lauri Suutarinen, DJ/percussionist/producer Juho Kavasto and visual performer Tuomas Alahäivälä.

Cyril Awakens is well known and loved from their energetic and captivating live performances supported by live-controlled audiovisuals. Visual art complements Koivisto's lyrics dealing with the problems of everyday life increasingly dominated by digital technologies. Themes like loving an anime character or personal contemplation of being socially isolated behind a computer screen are few examples of Cyril Awakens`s audiovisual stories.

Cyril Awakens was formed in 2017 at the Yamamori Tengu club in Dublin and has toured actively after returning to Finland. The band has already released one album (Virgin, 2017) and two singles (Ocean, Nutopia, 2018). After an extensive creative period in the studio Cyril Awakens is releasing their sophomore album in the beginning on 2020.


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