Tapani Rinne (b. 1962) is a Finnish musician, composer and record producer, who is known for his experimental and innovative style with the clarinet and saxophone. An avid student of clarinets and saxophones since the age of eight, studied in Sibelius-Academy 1981-1985. Tapani Rinne rightfully belongs in the “Hall of Fame” of the most respected Nordic instrumentalists.

As a frontman of the pioneering techno-jazz group RinneRadio he has also made his mark in electronic music. With a mix of meditative jazz motifs, electronica and techno, RinneRadio has been welcomed with open arms all over the globe. Rinne has released twelve albums since 1988 and operated with vanguardists such as DJ Spooky and Mika Vainio. RinneRadio has toured all over the globe, and the band is still doing concerts.

Tapani Rinne`s unique style with the clarinet and saxophone can also be heard on three of his ambient-based solo albums and on the “duo albums” with Jimi Tenor ('Suburban Sax', 1991) and percussionist Teho Majamäki ('Inside the Temple', 2011, Under the bridge 2013). Inside the Temple was recorded literally inside sacred caves in India, and the atmosphere can be felt in the music.

With ever fresh approach to music Tapani Rinne has created his latest album Radioton (2019), in which he dives directly to the deep layers of minimal ambient. Only with a bass clarinet and effect pedals he creates a breathlike soothing soundscape, with which he invites the listener to a sonic journey into other worlds.


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